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Château La Dominique

According to a nice legend, the name « La Dominique » came from a rich merchant, owner of the estate during the XVIIIth century : he named this land “La Dominique” in memory of the island located in the Caribbean. Many historical elements allow us to trace the Château back to the end of the XVIIth century. 

  • 1690

    Stated in a feudal act of recognition

    on behalf of King Louis the 14th :

    Jean Micheau, carpenter of old-growth forest,

    as owner of the property.

  • 1785

    « La Dominique » is mentioned in the map of Pierre de Beylleme.

    The estate is known as Mr Fontémoing’s property, wine merchant in Libourne.

  • 1788 1788

    Mr Jean Chaperon, wine merchant in Libourne, purchases the  land named “Dominique” from Mr Jean-Baptiste Fontemoing.

  • 1850 1850

    The estate is still the property of Chaperon’s family and the production represents 25 to 30 barrels. 

  • 1862 1862

    Mr Charles Chaperon sells “the estate La Dominique” to Mr Gabriel Henri Greloud (merchant from Bordeaux), which equals to 21 ha. 

  • 1918 1918

    The property is sold by Greloud’s sucessors to Mr Louis Benoît Soualle.

  • 1933 1933

    Louis Soualle lets the estate to Edouard Louis de Baillencourt called Courcol, Marie-Louise Soualle’s husband. 

  • 1955 1955

    During the 1st report of Saint-Emilion classification, Château La Dominique is designated Grand Cru Classé, title which it has always honoured since then. 

  • 1960 1960

    Death of Edouard de Baillencourt. The Château is managed among his 4 children.


Château La Dominique is purchased by Mr Clément Fayat.